So I had heard that not too long ago Metallica actually played all of Orion live. I can’t begin to express, and some people may understand, how long I have waited to hear this song played live. Sure, sometimes they would play a few bars but never the entire thing. So I buckled up today and looked it up on YouTube. Of course they had it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get through half of it.

I tried, I really did. I want to hear Orion live, i do. But I couldn’t bear the fact that Metallica never played the song complete with Jason, but waited until now when it’s Rob at the bass.

Somehow, I find this to be so utterly insulting. As if they don’t feel Jason was good enough to play Orion with them.

It totally sucked any joy I could have ever felt about them having played it live finally, all these years after Cliff died. Even though I wouldn’t have been there anyway cause they played this somewhere far far from my hometown, I might have enjoyed listening to it live finally. Smiled, at the knowledge and the hope that perhaps one day I would be there for such a monumental thing as hearing it. But no, I couldn’t even get through it. I was near tears looking at Rob Trujillo where Jason should be standing.

I’m sure Rob Trujillo is a super nice guy and great guitar player. Honestly, it’s not his fault the sight of him makes me cry. Now I have a better understanding of how Van Halen fans feel. Sorry guys, that Eddie is such an asshole. I feel your pain.


2 thoughts on “Orion

  1. i didnt even know that they had a new logo. wow that just shows how up to date i am with the new metallica. i stopped listening 2 them when they did that orchestra thing. i have one of the old metallica shirts.
    its kind of interesting how bands pick up and drop members and how their “new fans” dont realize there were other ppl in the band that actually created the music. sad sad. ppl need to do more research.

    • Bands
      Hey, I’m sure I’m guilty of it, too. I listened to Van Halen with Sammy Hagar even though I’m sure some fans were crying into their Van Halen t-shirts. It just hurts with Metallica. I understand that not everybody is as obsessive as I am.
      Of course I’m still be all judgemental of these new Metallica Fans. This ones for you 😛

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