Metallica Quizes

The first one was odd cause most questions only had 3 possible choices. I wonder if they left all the bass players out. I took a different quiz and still came out as James. Go figure.

The second one is amusing cause I probably could have scored higher had they not asked about the St. Anger stuff. Oh, and I really have no clue what monster is on Kirk’s guitar. Sorry, Quirk.

The third was quite easy, and James looks hot in that pic.

The fourth is my fave album. But I’m not sure how I got the result. I took 2 other quizes and I always got Master. I take it that I just rock that way.

Which member of MetallicA are you?


James Hetfield
Rythym Guitar/Vocalist, James Hetfield, is the leader of the band.
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How big of a metallica fan are you?


Die Hard Fan
You are a true fan. Stay true to your Metallica trivia from Kill EM All to St. Anger… you frown on posers who mouth the words at concerts and make a half assed METAL sign with their hands and wish they just not bother coming at all, you sport the old school Ride the LIghtening concert T Shirts to show just how long you been down with the metal! Rock on!
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Do you know your METALLICA albums?


You Know Your Stuff
You probably found that quiz quite easy. You are a true Metallica fan. Keep rockin.
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Which Metallica album is your definitive?


Master of Puppets
You are the third of Metallica’s ablums and the last of the ever great Bassist Cliff Burton. This shows how metal you really are. It’s dramatic cover and amazing songs reflect how you are true to yourself and music. Containing “Master of Puppets” and “Sanitarium”, it’s by far one of the best metal albums in your collection.
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