Printer Friendly

Some of you may know that as part of my job I have to help with printer maintenance. Our students have a very hard time with the printers and will often make things worse instead of calling on one of us for help. So, I have complied a list of error messages for the printer that might be more helpful. This is in no particular order and feel free to add your own.

1. Tray 2 is empty, but Tray 3 isn’t, so don’t worry.

2. Before asking Julio anything, make sure the red light is flashing.

3. Do not try to unjam me yourself, get a professional.

4. I’m REALLY out of paper this time, please alert the help desk and do not steal paper from a different printer.

5. I’m working fine, I’m only taking a long time because someone sent a Powerpoint in slide format instead of handout.

6. I’m jammed, if you send that really dark image one more time, I.T. will kick your ass.

7. I have less than 2400 pages left of toner. So if you are printing less than 2400 pages, ignore this message.

8. If your stuff isn’t printing, alert the help desk before you get frustrated and move to a different computer.

9. You have sent something in Legal format, alert the help desk before going back and resending it in Letter.

10. I’m warming up, so just chill.

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