Right Brain vs. Left Brain

I’ve noticed a recent onslaught in the battles between my sense of reason and my sense of fun. I don’t think it’s like a little angel and a little devil on my shoulders whispering to me at all. My right brain is not trying to get me to do bad things, just slightly irresponsible things.

For example, I was looking at Amazon and I happened across a Grindhouse lunchbox.

Right Brain: Oh, isn’t that pretty.
Left Brain: You don’t need a lunchbox.
RB: But look at it, it’s all shiny and it’s Planet Terror on the outside with Death Proof as a thermus.
LB: You don’t bring your lunch to work, or anywhere for that matter.
RB: I could put other stuff in it.
LB: You only collect Metallica.
RB: Oh, I guess you’re right.

Round 1 goes to the Left Brain.

RB: I wonder if anyone makes replicas of James Hetfield’s ring and pendant..
LB: That could be expensive.
RB: Oh, look… that one’s authentic.
LB: It’s $200 each.
RB: Well, Mother’s Day is coming up.
LB: We don’t need a $200 skull ring. You hardly even wear rings.
RB: But it’s James’ ring.
LB. Look, there’s a cheap imitation of the pendant over here.
RB: But it’s a cheap imitation.
LB: Does it matter? Think what else we could get with the other $180.
RB: I guess you’re right.

Round 2: Compromise.

RB: I want pizza.
LB: It’s almost 800 calories.
RB: So?
LB: So we’ve already pigged out all week.
RB: Exactly, it’s too late to matter.
LB: If we don’t start to slow down now, we’lll gain all that weight back.
RB: Can we start tomorrow? It’s Wednesday, much more appropriate than Tuesday.
LB: Ugh, fine. But tomorrow it’s Jamba Juice.

Round 3: Right Brain

It’s tearing me apart. Well, no not really.


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