About a Girl: Sugar Water

Last night I had another ultra-mom moment.

I don’t consider myself one of those gushy little moms. When my kid was a baby I use to sing her to sleep with Nirvana since I didn’t know all the words to regular kiddy songs. And while my kid and I hang out together all the time, I don’t think we do much that would be considered Hallmark moment material.

Except for one thing – baking. I happened to buy her this little baker’s outfit she wanted in pink and purple. So, I figured we’d now have to bake something so she could use it. The first time we used it we made a heart shaped cake. I would pour water and oil into a measuring cup, she’d pour it into the bowl. We took turns stirring and greased the pan… Once the cake was baking and she ran off to wait for it to cook I started to cry. I was overwhelmed by my mother-daughter moment. The kind you see on TV.

So last night I fell asleep on the sofa around 6 or so. Eventually I was awoken by my mom because my kid was very sad that I was sleeping and she wanted to make brownies since I had bought the mix for it. So again, she donned the baker’s outfit and we got to work on making brownies together.

I didn’t cry this time, but it was a close call.


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