Future Vinyl Junkie finds Understanding Dork

I’m reading this book called “Vinyl Junkies” because I was hoping it might have some mention of proper care for vinyl. No such luck really. It’s about the author (collects 60’s psychadelic vinyl) interviewing a bunch of other vinyl fanatics. Some of these people I’ve actually heard of: Thurston Moore, Peter Buck, and Robert Crumb. Other’s not so much. These people are hard core like in the movie High Fidelity wich was written by another vinyl junkie.

The author and fellow junkies go on to say that it’s near impossible for a vinyl junkie to find an understanding woman. They also don’t believe female vinyl junkies exist. Now, I’m not a vinyl junkie, I’m just a psycho with a fixation, but it did make me remember a few things guys have told me over the years. The main of which was “Vin, one day you’re gonna make some dork very happy.”

This was said by my old friend Bern, a comic book geek and gamer. What he meant to say was that since I was really into fantasy/sci-fi, and all that kind of dorky stuff, and I’m also understanding (and downright encouraging) of guys fixations on the same thing, I’d be some big dork’s ideal woman.

About a year ago I was describing my perfect guy to myself. Tall, nice hair, somewhat ambitious, educated, and very much into fantasy/sci-fi, comics, and/or gaming. 🙂 But I also need someone who isn’t going to make fun of me for liking Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Well, right now I’m going off to catalog my current vinyls into an Excel worksheet with images. Librarians rule.


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