Script Frenzy 2007

In June I’m hoping to start writing a screenplay. Why? Well because someone pointed me to this site:

Ideally, this will make me start writing as opposed to thinking about writing stuff that has nothing to do with the perversions I like to think hot guys were doing. Because right now, if I’m not writing my auto-biography about motherhood, I’m writing porn. Which is fun, for sure, but not the only thing I want to do. I can’t possibly tell people causally “why yes, I still write. Of course just gay porn now. Perhaps I didn’t need a Bachelor’s for that, no.”

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written non-porn, even longer since I’ve written anything non-fan fiction. I really hope this script thing gets me off my butt.

This also means that my current writing projects might suffer. I still want to work on them, but… we’ll see.


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