Party ’til ya puke

*I’ve come up with a new way to remain on your diet while still going out and having a good time. This can be a dilemma for dieters because as we all know, alcoholic drinks are filled with empty calories.

This is what you do – drink until you start vomiting. That’s right. This way you’re still having a smashing good time and then you’ll spew some of those empty calories you have just consumed. If you’re lucky, some of your dinner will come up too.

Of course the draw back is that the next morning you might suffer from a massive hangover. The good news is that with said massive hangover you will drinks lots of water to replenish the dehydration caused by the alcohol (water good). And you’ll feel so sick you won’t even want to look at food for a bit. Perhaps some crackers to soak up the remaining alcohol. Either way, a far cry from a normal fat filled breakfast.

It’s not bulimia if you’re having a good time.

Oh, and don’t drink and drive.

*Disclaimer: The ideas in this post are not good nor medically sound. Don’t follow my advice.


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