My date with Ville

I was trying to find a Font, that’s all… but HA-HA..

Well, I cheated. By putting in the year I was born I got lower satisfaction rating, but I also got Bam Margera. Hee-Hee.

|- Your Day With Ville Valo of HIM (His Infernal Majesty)-|
Whats your name?
Whens your birthday?
Do you think Ville Valo is HAWT? YesNoHELL YEAHHELL NOHes the best looking thing on this planet
Do you listen to HIM? YesNoTheir my favorite band ofcourseNo they suck
What is your favorite HIM c.d?
The name of their new c.d is?? Dark lightDeep shadows and brilliant highlightsGreatest lovesongs vol.666
Ville comes to pick you up and he rings your doorbell when you a Im bangin’ her tonight
He grabs your hand and walks you to the car and… Forgets about the door for you and gets in the car
He gets in the car and… Put’s a song by “The cure” and starts asking you questions about yourslef
You both decide to go to his house once you get there Ville and Invite the band and Bam Margera and his friends over for a party
After your done with that you… Both have a three sum with Bam Margera
He enjoyed your company this much – 70%

This fun quiz by struckBYincubus – Taken 1790 Times.

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