The Single Life

Yesterday I was watching Sex and the City. When this series ended, all these single women were not single anymore. Miranda and Charlotte were married, Samantha was living with the young stud, and Carrie ends up with Mr.Big. This conclusion was greeted with mixed reviews.

Why did the writers feel the need to make sure all the women had a steady relationship at the end of the show? Was this show a long quest to find the perfect guy and make a commitment? Shouldn’t Samantha at the very least have stayed single? She loved being single.

Most of the relationships I’ve had in my life have been something I’ve accidentally fallen into while trying to get laid. That might sound callous, but it’s true. Ever since high school I’ve been lost as to what a relationship could give me that a solid friend couldn’t. Someone to split the rent with forever?

I realize that a lot of my friends have married off and now I go see movies by myself and have even gone to concerts by myself. But that’s okay, too. I like alone time. The thing of it now is that since I’m already a mom, my biological clock never got a chance to start ticking. Even when my kid goes off to college and lives her life without me, I will have someone to fawn over, god willing, for the rest of my life. I love and am loved.

I’m not saying I’ll never get married (cause saying “never” tempts fate), but I like being single. And if I stay that way forever… there’s nothing wrong with that either.

*Anyone else hear Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice in their head as they read this over?

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