Morgan Almighty

I never talk to My kid about religion -ever. It’s not that I’m doing it on purpose, It’s just I’m not really a religious person. I’ve never said to her that there is no God, but I have never said anything about God either way.

I’ve been able to get away with this forever because she’s never asked me anything that would require me to talk about God. She’s never asked what happens after you die, or where everything comes from, or anything that I haven’t been able to talk my way out of without bringing in religion.

This weekend we went to see Evan Almighty, mostly because she wanted to see the animals. At one point when Evan is talking to God (Morgan Freeman) My kid asked about it. This is the conversation:

My kid : “Who’s that?”
Me: “God.”
My kid: “Who?”
Me: “God.”
My kid: “Oh, God.”

That was it. Like I said, I don’t get into it. When she asks in depth I’ll give her my on the fence agnostic idea of God. On the positive side, I’m quite thrilled at the idea that my daughter’s first exposure to God was in the form of Morgan Freeman. If God is anything like Morgan Freeman I’d praise the name too.

The movie itself was pretty funny. Not spectacular, but cool. It has a not so hidden environmental message in it as well. Also, I noted how scary John Goodman is. This has been a fact that I’ve never truly examined. Not crazy scary, more violent scary. Jack Nicholson will chop you up with an axe. John Goodman doesn’t need an axe, he will pummel you to death with his bare hands.

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