Optimus Prime… my perfect man, uh robot.


Okay, having said that, lets continue….

After the horrible disappointments of this years movies (Spiderman3, Pirates of the Caribbean) I was so happy to find that this movie kicked much ass.

It was also great to watch it amongst such obvious fans of the universe. The action was amazing, everything a movie about huge fucking robots having a war on Earth could be imagined to be like. It was funny. It had heart. It made fun of President Bush.

I swear, this audience cheered every time Optimus Prime did ANYTHING. He arrives on Earth (applause), he transforms (applause), he speaks (applause), he kicks some robotic ass (applause).

No such reception for Megatron, oh no (people with Decepticon tattoos… let me not even say). This audience were the same people who were crying in the animated Transformers movie all those years ago. For all that people tend to cheer for bad guys, like me (go Hannibal the Cannibal!), there is one thing I think we can agree on: Optimus Prime is the bomb, with all the attributes we wished or hoped our fathers had; noble, kind, and brave. To have it voiced by Peter Cullen again (the original voice) was a religious experience.

I was amazed at how not cheesy it was. I was worried too because the idea of huge talking robots sounds like something with a definite cheese factor. But they played it off gracefully making some of the scenes deliberately comedic. They did the original transforming sound only in the beginning, which I’m fine with. Megatron looks real ugly, but whatever, the original design is a bit Tronish and outdated. They could’ve done better surely, but hey. I didn’t even mind that he wasn’t a gun Starscream had to carry (which I’d been bitching about for months).

My only disappointment? Frank Welker, the original voice of Megatron, who still happens to be very active doing voices in Hollywood to this day, was not Megatron. In the movie it’s Hugo Weaving. That makes me really sad. Maybe there will be enough outcry that they’ll hire Frank back for the sequel (you know they gotta make one). For now, Frank and Peter can be found going at it again in the new Transformers video game version.

Read the article where Frank Welker speaks his mind.

Watch the YouTube video of Welker and Cullen back in action.

Watch the YouTube fanvid on why Soundwave isn’t in the movie.

As you can see I had a lot to say. I even had to edit parts out cause I was going on and on. I just loved it that much. I wanna see it again. I’d even pay full price to see it again.


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