Quiz Generators

Okay so I searched around the page that does these because I think they are tons of fun.

What will happen to you as a guest on Viva La Bam? by paratome
What Will Happen Bam will sit on you.

What the guys of Jackass really think of you? by Merenwen
Pick One Duct TapeSkateboardVille ValoCatusPolevaultLarge Shopping CartAwesomeParty Boy
Johnny thinks Isn’t sure what to think
Wee-Man Wants to slap your ass
Bam Wants to handcuff you to Johnny
Ryan Thinks you’re sexy
Steve-O Wants to bare your children
Preston Wants you to chase Wee-Man with him
Rabb Wants you to be on Jackass
Chris Wants to to take off his speedo
How much they like you
What Red Hot Chili Pepper member are you destined to be with? by redhotchic
your name
who u will be with Chad
Which Kevin Smith character are you most likely to marry?
by KurtCobainChick
Who You Will Marry Silent Bob
How They Will Propose Formally/On one knee
Marriage Date September 23, 2030
Wedding Gift male dancer dressed like a firefighter
Type of Home Outside a convenience store
If you were in a Harry Potter book…
by Chu_Chu
LJ User Name:
Your House would be: None, I'm a Professor!
Your favourite activity would be: Defence against the Dark arts!
Your Name would be: Conferious Sprout
Your best friend would be: Sirius Black
Your mission would be: To take over Hogwarts!

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