Fool me Once, Fool me Twice

Okay… so there’s something I never told anyone. A few months ago when Iwas about to graduate there were 3 job openings here where I work. I didn’t apply because I didn’t really think I had the background that was appropriate for any of the openings, but one day my supervisor came and told me I should apply. So I did.

I had to go through this whole 2 day interview process where I had to make a presentation and get interviewed by like 10 different people. The second day of my interview my supervisor told me they had hired one person already for of the fields I was considered for. Now knowing that there was already a spectacular candidate for the other field I might have been considered for, I knew that whole day that I was not going to be hired. But I had to go through that whole interview and presentation with a smile on my face like nothing was wrong.

What really irks me is that I hadn’t applied for the reasons I’m sure I wasn’t hired. But they asked me to apply, and I had to sit there feeling humilated that whole day. But it’s beyond that because now, with all of them knowing I wasn’t hired. I’m still sitting here at my desk with a freaking Master’s degree doing what people consider an intern position.

One lady at my presentation, which was in December, asked me last week if I was a student worker. A fucking UNDEGRAD! Hello, you were at my presentation for a professional job opening.

There are currently no job openings here at entry level which is where I would start as a recent grad. Which is fine, because it is over between this place and me. Our love hate relationship swung over to the hate part and there’s no way I would put myself through the humilation again. Not while I’m still here, and not while these people are still here too.

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