“Autobots.. uh, stand and look pretty”

So I was in Target the other day and I was looking through the Transformer toys. After a couple of minutes of looking around and hitting the voice changer button on an Optimus Prime head I noticed something rather odd. The transformer toys don’t transform.

What madness is this? There had to be some mistake. How can toys based on TRANSFORMers not TRANSORM. There was this box set with Megatron and Optimus Prime as their robot selves and it included another figure of Optimus as a truck. Why? Cause it doesn’t transform.

I had to look into this. It was just simply impossible. I am happy to report that transforming transformer toys do exist on Amazon.com, but few other places apparently. The less popular characters, I guess, are cheaper. Like Jazz is $10 and Bonecrusher is $18. The Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will run anywhere from $30 – $100 dollars depending. At least they exist, crisis averted.

No, I’m not going to suddenly start off on Transformer collecting. I’m sticking to the Metallica and assorted vinyl rule. Though I suppose if the Transformers soundtrack came out on vinyl it wouldn’t be breaking my rule. Oh, my right and left brain are fighting again.

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