Never a train around when you need one…

Oh, dear. Today we had a customer service training session at work. We sat in a seminar room painted non-threatening beige with green cushioned rolling chairs and a tray full of an assortment of cookies. The discussion was led by two of our fellow co-workers in their dress shirts and ties. There was a dry erase board and colored markers.

If you can mentally picture this perfectly it’s because you know… you work in an office. AAHHHH!!!!!!

I was split in between my feelings of horror and humor of having walked into a TV show (The Office). This was really not the thing for me to be going through after staying up until 4am watching a Viva la Bam season marathon (thanks, Sin). I couldn’t help but be reminded of Bam and his crew racing into a Mexican beach, drinking beer at Oktoberfest, and playing basketball with cantaloupe. Meanwhile, I’m.. well, I’m where I am.

I was reminded of one of my fave moments on the American The Office from before I had even watched the show. Where Jim starts talking about his career as it were. So after the meeting was over, I went up to the stacks and picked up The Alchemist. Perhaps it can change my life too.

I can’t imagine doing any one thing for the rest of my life besides breathing.

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