About a Girl: Dirt

So Friday night I went to have dinner with my kid at her dad’s place of employment. You know that place where he’s a waiter. So we’re sitting next to this table where there’s a family and her dad is their waiter also. My kid starts trying to get the attention of the baby girl, cause she loves to play with babies. Then she starts talking to the mom.

Mom: “So that’s your dad?”

My kid:”Yeah. He works here He use to work over there (points) where the umbrellas are green. But now he works here.”


My kid:”Yeah, he changed jobs. He changed girls, too.”

My kid is talking about her dad’s new girlfriend who he’s practically moved in with.

Gone, forever it would seem, is the girl he’d been fucking behind my back all those years ago. Which is a shame actually, because whatever anyone might think of her, my kid liked her and misses her. Something tells me she took better care of my kid than her dad did sometimes. I’d call her to babysit if I wasn’t afraid she’d steal future men from me. Although I admit she did me a favor by taking her dad away. Thank you.

I find my kid’s astute observation fucking hilarious. To the lady I just smiled and stayed quiet. She told me not to be embarrased, that that’s life and that stuff happens all the time. I wanted to tell her that this wasn’t a recent thing between us. We split years ago and when my kid says that he changed girls, she doesn’t mean me.

I wanted to tell the lady that I am not the rejected ex anymore. I have my own life, and my kid’s dad is just an annoying piece of gum stuck to the bottom of my shoes. But, honestly, I didn’t feel the need to explain myself to some stranger. My friends know how it is.

On Monday I was dropping of some friends and my kid said that she wanted to tell them something. I asked her what. She says: “I want to tell them that wiwi (what she calls her dad) changed girls. And he’s gonna do it again, and again, and again…” She stopped when she ran out of fingers.

Ha, Ha. I hope she does it in front of him and his new girlfriend. I’ve never met her, so I have nothing against her. But she should be warned what she’s getting herself into.

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