Years ago I went to see Concrete Blonde play. On my way home I told my friends “Now I just have to see Alice in Chains and Faith No More play for my life to be complete.” Later I would find out that Layne, the lead singer of Alice in Chains was already dead. They just hadn’t found his body yet.

Last night I went out to Coral Sky and saw Alice in Chains play. I had heard that they had gotten a new singer and I was appalled, but my cousin wanted to go and since he was the guest I went ahead and indulged him. I was very skeptical about the whole thing because Layne’s voice was very distinctive. Distinctive, but not unique I realized as I nearly fell over when the new singer opened his mouth. If it weren’t for the variations that come from playing live I would’ve sworn that the sound guy just took an old CD and hit play. Visually, the two couldn’t be more different, but vocally, I could close my eyes and it was 1995 all over again. When they played “Would?” my eyes got watery.

I would have been happy to stand there and listen to them play every single song Alice in Chains ever wrote, but they weren’t the headliner.

Up next, the headliner was Guns N’ Roses with their new lead singer, Scott Weiland formerly of Stone Temple Pilots. The guys were nice enough to play not only some of the new songs they’ve written since they received this facelift, but they also played songs from STP and older Guns n Roses. With the help of a megaphone, Scott did a mean interpretation of Axl Rose.

So I kinda got 4 bands for the price of two. Cool.

You know that feeling you get when you’re walking along and you see someone you use to hang with long time ago. They were cool people, but life took you seperate ways, and while you’re not going to go out of your way to hang with them again, it was nice to see them cause it brought up some nice memories. Do you know that feeling? Well, maybe not. But that’s how I felt all night.

Secretly I hope that after their first gig with the new guy, Jerry, Sean, and Mike took a moment of individual silence and reflection. And I like to imagine that sometime during Velvet Revolver’s first gig, Duff and Slash looked over to each other and were glad to see their friend on stage with them. But that’s my artist heart talking.


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