Rockstars are people too

I was talking to someone the other day about the current state of Alice in Chains. He mentioned that he felt it was sacreligious for the band to be touring without Layne Staley and they should have just called it quits for good.


But no, I don’t think so. This is why…

I think people forget that these bands are made up of real people. Real people who need to pay their bills and in some cases support families. Jerry Cantrell will be able to do that a lot better by playing as Alice in Chains instead of starting up some new band that will never play a gig outside of the East Coast. Now, maybe I’m not being fair and a new band would have done well and made money. But we can’t all be Velvet Revolver and Audioslave. Some bands are Rock Star Supernova (sorry, Jase, you know I love you).

It’s not like Cantrell put up a card board cutout of Layne and started playing in the background. They just got a new singer. Yes, he sounds like Layne. I like that. It means they can play all their old songs and it’ll still sound relatively the same as opposed to hearing Sammy Hager sing “Hot for Teacher”. Which is fine too. It’s just a personal choice every band has to make for themselves.

So don’t be a hater, support your favorite rockstars.

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