What is wrong with Jim Halpert?

After watching season 3 in the span of four days I have come to the conclusion that there is a fatal flaw in the character Jim Halpert from the American version of The Office: he has no visible flaws.

Jim Halpert is smart, cute, funny, good at his job… he’s kind, couragous, and protects those weaker than him. But no one’s perfect. So I have made up a list of possible Jim flaws. I repeat, this is made-up as in not true as far as I know.

1. Jim has no life. When he has no girlfriend he sits at home and thinks of pranks to play on Dwight.

2. Jim is a bad dancer. I don’t recall ever seeing him dance.

3. Jim cannot do manly things. Like change a tire and fix broken appliances.

4. Jim has no culture. He ordered The Great Gatsby online thinking it was a comic book.

5. Jim is a boring lay. He’s too sweet and gentle. And he likes Pam, who can only be described as mousy.

So, not having watched what’s been going on in season4, this is what I’ve come up with. Perhaps we learn more in the new episodes and perhaps some of my list has been disqualified.

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