I don’t need sex, life fucks me all the time

I just got home from the dentist. Two weeks ago I had finally made it and cleared one of my credit cards. Now It’s 80% filled up again thanks to this dentist trip.

I was pretty sure this was what was going to happen. In fact, the bill actually came out to $20 less than I feared. But it still hurt. It hurt so bad I started crying right there in the dentist office. Half the staff was asking me “are you okay?” Do I look okay you fucking sons of bitches!

One lady in particular I wanted to stab with her electric drill. There’s nothing that grates on my nerves like when I’m really upset and some bitch I don’t even know who doesn’t know dick about my life starts up with “oh, if I told you how hard I had it you’d feel so much better.” Right. Yes, she may very well have it harder, but unless we sit down and compare notes she has no way of knowing that. So hearing about her sorry ass life isn’t going to make me feel better unless she’s going to pay my bills.

So why did I have a break down in the dentist office, in my car, on the road, and when I got home? Cause fucking damn it I just cleared that credit card. I’m trying so hard to save and clear my debts and life is just fucking with me so bad.

Yes, a lot of people have it a lot worse than I do. That doesn’t mean I have it particularly good either.

They gave me a referral to see some specialist gum dentist. Yeah, whatever. My teeth are crooked and stained anyway. Who the fuck even cares…

I’m gonna go take a xanex and waste away my miserable existance in front of my TV.


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