The Commitment

Now, I’m not entering a commited anything.

This blog is to talk about Dan Savage’s book “The Commitment”. Some of you might know Dan Savage from his superbly awesome advice column known to Miamians from the New Times, “Savage Love”. Of course it’s also printed in several newspapers throughout the country so look it up if you don’t know.

The book details how Dan and his boyfriend Terry, when quickly approaching their ten year anniversary, after already having adopted a child together years earlier, were questioning whether they should get married. That’s not a question about whether they as homosexual men should get married or anything to do with the big embarrassing debate in this country. No, the question was whether they as a couple believed in the ideals of marriage and did they want that for themselves.

The book is as funny and savagely honest as Dan’s column. He makes a lot of good arguments for and against marriage and since he gets so much mail asking for advice from so many couples, gay and straight, I would recommend this book for anyone thinking about what their own marriage values are. I read the book in a few hours I was so hooked. Yes, there’s a lot of arguing about the whole gay marriage thing. After one particular chapter I was fuming. I wanted to burn an America flag in effigy.

Just so we’re all clear, in case you can’t tell, I’m pro gay-marriage. I’m pro-gay adoption. I’m pretty much pro gay anything. I think it’s an embarrassment that it’s even a debatable subject on such a large scale. Gay rights should be a given like freeing slaves and giving women the right to vote. It should be a “duh” issue. People who argue to me against gay marriages or gay couples adopting… I view them the same way I view the Peanut Butter theory on creationism (look it up if you don’t know and you want to be appalled).

I’m such a nerd. I spent my entire Saturday night reading a book. But darn, it I couldn’t put it down.


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