Killing Loneliness by getting Drunk in the Shadows

I went to the HIM concert last night. I’m going through withdrawal right now. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. As soon as they got off stage I deflated.

I went with my friend Sin and we wore our shirts that say “vittu” (the Finnish word for “cunt” as they are a Finnish band). I made myself a new one in white because I thought it’d be more noticeable in a sea of goths.

1/3 of the way through the show we managed to get to the front row on the upper level of Revolution. Not the second floor, not the pit, that floor you’re on when you walk in. We were on the side right by the stage I was the second girl in with Sin to my left. Pretty in your face actually. We couldn’t have had a better spot unless we’d been on stage.

The white shirt paid off as I’m pretty sure the band noticed it. I’m about 90% sure I made Midge (bass) chuckle, and Burton (keyboards) stare, and Linde (guitar) smile, and Ville (vocals) outright laugh. They didn’t say anything, but they didn’t say anything about anyone in the audience. Ville just mumbled some info about the songs. When I think he saw my shirt he did laugh and then start talking about the things that turn him on (which last night was his guitar player, which lead to all sorts of naughty fantasies for me).

I’m just going to spend this one sentence talking about how absolutely orgasmic it was watching them play. I damn near could have orgasmed watching them play.

There were as many guys as girls which was a surprise. Most people looked depressed. LOL. I think I looked pretty hot. It’s great when you’ve been working real hard (dieting) and you can see it pay off. I can’t remember the last time I felt comfortable walking around in bare mid-drift.

To offset the goodness of having the band notice us and being able to stand so close, I did have to pull over on the side of the road on the way back on 836 to throw up. I do not recommend chugging mojitos.

Today, every time I close my eyes I’m back at Revolution. I’m still running off my high from the show, but I’m already starting to feel the misery trying to sneak up behind me. What am I suppose to do with myself now?


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