If you want to destroy my sweater

It’s not cold outside. It’s Miami. There was a coldish Miami breeze when I stepped outside today, but I knew once I gout under the sun it would be gone. Regardless, I succumbed and put on a sweater because I knew I’d be more comfortable that way until the sun came on full blast.

I can tell my mom is trying to dissuade me from possibly moving North. Every once in awhile she’ll mention how it sucks to be a kid in the Northeast US because it’s too cold to go out and do all the things my kid and I do every week. She’s playing with my motherly emotions. Did she always talk this way and I’m only now becoming aware of it?

While she’s probably right in some respects, I can’t help but think it can’t be all that bad up there. If it was why would people who move down here talk about how they hate the way the seasons don’t change in Miami at all. The high is always in the 70’s at least (90’s in the summer). It looks the same here, all the time.

I mean, Nothing is to say I can’t move back down here if I do move out of Florida. But I’d love to hear other opinions. My mom didn’t even grow up in Jersey. She didn’t get there until she was in her 20’s. Maybe to her it sucked that she couldn’t go disco dancing every night.

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