About a Girl: I Alone

My daughter just got back from Orlando. It was her dad’s birthday this weekend (and I just realized for the millionth time that I forgot to wish him Happy Birthday). It was also her paternal uncle’s birthday this weekend so she went with her dad to Orlando. This was the first time I’ve been away from my daughter for so long.

As usual, I find that when I’m not with her I tend to act like I’m 21 one again. Last night I made it home at about 6:30am. I didn’t even make it home the night before that. My body is aching from all my adventures. It feels like next time I lay down I’m just going to sleep until morning cause I’ve gotten about 7 hours of sleep between right now and Friday morning.

It was nice being able to just go out and not have to worry about picking her up in the early morning or thinking if she woke up in the middle of the night and then I get a mild guilt trip from my mom. I did carry my cell phone with me everywhere just in case. It was a nice vacation from being a responsible adult. I partied like it was early 1999.

On the other hand I sometimes amaze or appall myself (or both) at the things I do when I’m not actively parenting. My kid really brings out the best in me. She keeps me focused on the things I want for us. Without her I just drift aimlessly.


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