Agnostic Validation

As an agnostic I believe in nothing and everything at the same time. Let me try to break that down:

1. all I know is that I know nothing
2. nothing is impossible merely improbable

So I’ll give credence to just about any theory you throw at me even if my first reaction is to laugh or be appalled. It also means that I’m not an athiest because that is a definitive and I don’t deal in absolutes.

So I’ve spent the better part of my afternoon watching YouTube videos about Mormons and Scientologists. Many times I was laughing my ass off or appalled at the ridiculous things I was hearing. Still, my agnostic nature kicked in and I have to begrudgingly say that the things they believe are possible even if highly improbable.

But let me break that down again.

While I think the things Joseph Smith and Hubbard were peddling might be true, statistically speaking, I really think it sounds like crazy talk. Then again, does any religion sound completely sane when you break down the doctrine of faith? I’m always comfortable in the belief that the Old Testament is more like a book of stories with a moral. Whether or not Moses met God on a mountain or whatever is irrelevant, the commandments are good rules to live by, and in most instances still are good rules to live by.

However, I find it hard to believe what people seem to be taking in with blind faith these days.

Still, I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt. Perhaps Joseph Smith did find golden tablets he translated into English with special stones. Perhaps I have a reincarnated thetan and I need to be audited spiritually. Perhaps Leviathan is not dead, but sleeping. Perhaps the Elves have left for Valinor and now is the age of man. And perhaps the Flying Spaghetti Monster is watching over us right now.


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