What’s my Age Again?

I’m going to be 30 in less than two months. Some of my closest friends have already passed the 30 line. While we can all agree that age is just a number, it’s also a number that is carrying a certain amount of experience behind it. There’s also certain expectations behind the number.

After spending the holidays with various people and running into other people from my days in high school the funny thing is that we’re all at different places in our lives. Some of us are married, some are divorced, some have kids, some just got their lives back together, some have traveled the world, some have moved on, and some are still partying like it’s 1996.

I don’t feel the weight of any expectation from anyone due to the fact that I’m about to hit 30. I think that’s mostly because since we’re all in such different places, there’s no standard to what I should have accomplished by now.

Sometimes I miss the freedom of my early 20’s, but other times I’m very grateful for the things I’ve learned in these years. I like to say that I was an idiot in my early 20’s, and perhaps when I push 40 I’ll feel that way about my 30’s. But again, that’s experience.

If I was asked, then I would say I don’t want to turn 30 yet. I’m really not all that comfortable with starting a new decade right now. Maybe in another year? Why? I want to go into my 30’s with a bang, not straggling through life like I’m currently doing.

So maybe, because I have to tell myself something in order to feel better, my 20’s was about learning about life and my 30’s will be about living it.

I can live with that.

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