My friend from work sent me to Find Your Spot. It’s a website that asks you a series of questions and then determines where you should live. I tried not put answers to get the results I wanted. I mean, I am thinking Northeast but that doesn’t mean that I said “I love snowboarding” or whatever.

Results Below:

1. Providence, Rhode Island
2. Boston, Massachusetts
3. New Haven, Connecticut
4. Baltimore, Maryland
5. Danbury, Connecticut
6. Cambridge, Massachusetts
7. Hartford, Connecticut
8. Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut
9. Worcester, Massachusetts
10. Charleston, West Virginia
11. Frederick, Maryland
12. Gaithersburg, Maryland
13. Los Angeles, California
14. San Diego, California
15. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
16. Honolulu, Hawaii
17. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
18. Lafayette (Cajun Country), Louisiana
19. Orange County, California
20. Long Beach, California
21. Alexandria, Louisiana
22. Las Vegas, Nevada
23. Little Rock, Arkansas
24. Albuquerque, New Mexico

One response to “

  • rock_starr

    ha. charleston, wv is on that list. my dad was born there.
    i did the same thing just for fun, and my top 2 places to live are : san diego, CA and orange county, CA. i think im watching way too much the real housewives of the orange county. LOL.

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