So I was reading an article from the new HUCK magazine which features an exciting if unfortunately cut in half photo of Mr. Bam Margera and the Finnish Rock God Ville Valo. I have probably heard the word “bromance” before. I think it was on Scrubs, but I’m not sure. But today it just really stuck with me.

This weekend I was hanging out with some friends and I was given first hand witness to the bromance going on with two of them. I mean, it was like all the insane things Bam and Ryan do together that make things like Dugera exist. They were joking about making out and having sex with each other and at the club they were jumping up and down on the dance floor together.

Now I’m all for bromance, but according to the urban dictionary “bromance” does not mean that the two males are actually getting it on. So while I love that some men are comfortable enough in their own sexuality to engage in bromance, and I’m aware that the whole Bam/Ville and Bam/Dunn thing is more than likely just a bromance, I must say that I’m not writing bromance. Maybe bromance that grows into something more.

Also, in no way do I think that James and Jason had a bromance. They weren’t really friendly enough to be considered bromantic. Lars and Kirk maybe.

And the photo that inspired this post. It’s not even that I’m such a big Vammer. You know what it is? It’s that look in Bam’s eyes. fucking kills me every time.):


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