About a Girl: Life’s What You Make It

That’s right I have a 5 year old daughter and I spent $48 bucks to take her, my mom, and myself to see the 3-D movie/concert of Hannah Montana. The official name of the movie is Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and it got an 87% in rotten tomatoes.

Let me start by explaining the title to all the non-Hannah Montana people that are surely interested. Hannah Montana is a TV show about a girl names Miley Stewart who goes to school like a regular kid. No one but her closest friends know that she is actually the famous pop star Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus is this girl’s real name in real life. She’s the daughter of Billy Ray “achy-breaky-heart” Cyrus. This movie/concert is an attempt to bridge that gap between the fictitious Hannah Montana and the start of this girl’s career in music and not just a TV show.

The movie was like being in a real life concert. Not so much because of the 3D, but because of the screaming teenage girls in the theatre. I feel sorry for the people in the theatre next to us watching Juno and I hope they got their money back.

Also in the movie are some other teen pop group called The Jonas Brothers who would be cute if not for their horrible hairstyles. But I guess that’s what these kids like today. The lead singer was wearing tight jeans, a purple shirt, and a gold jacket. I hope the female fans don’t take it too hard when he comes out of the closet.

My kid had a great time. She was singing along. A couple of friends of mine try to keep their daughters away from all this commercialized stuff. But Hannah Montana’s music is filled with positive messages. My kid’s young, but impressionable, and I hope she gets an impression.

Sample lyrics:

” I know where I stand
I know who I am
I would never run away when life gets bad”

” Nobody’s Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again ’til I get it right”

” Life’s what you make it
So let’s make it rock”

” There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself
That’s more than enough
So come on and raise your voice
speak your mind and make some noise”

Hey, they were written by a teenage girl. Let’s hear some of your middle school poetry. 😛

Man, I’m going on and on and on.

To wind up, the movie wasn’t a drag for me. I laughed, and at least her very grown up guitar-player is HOT. At the end she does her TV show theme song while the monitors have the Hannah Montana version of herself dancing. It was cute and symbolic.

While I think the fanaticism of it all will pass New Kids on the NSync style, I don’t think she’ll fade away like her Achy Breaky father did. The girl can SING. She’ll probably keep this train running for a couple more years, take a break, and then come back as one of country music’s greatest stars.


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