The Marriage of Rock n’Roll

Don’t you love going to concerts for bands when they are made up of the original members? Why is that such a big deal? But it is, isn’t it?

I went to see Sisters of Mercy a long while back and only the singer remained. At that point it’s not like going to see the band at all. I’m just there to see Andrew Eldritch perform old songs. Same thing goes for Guns’ n Roses, it’s just Axl. If you want to see Guns n’ Roses you’re better off seeing Velvet Revolver. At least they have 3 members from Guns n’ Roses, two original members. That beats The current incarnation of Guns n’ Roses by one.

Sometimes band members just lose interest or something, I don’t know (ahem, REM). I can understand you might not want to keep that lifestyle forever. Some band members get into huge arguments (I’m looking at you Pink Floyd). And then sometimes band members die (Sublime, weep).

So now I’d like to give astonished praise to Aerosmith for retaining it’s original line up for so god damn long (despite a 5 year break-up somewhere along the line).And also a shout out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers who have the same line up starting from when their original guitar player died because they gave their second guitar player a chance to come back . Def Leppard is back together after a few trial and errors, they still have a drummer with only one arm. And I suppose Trent Reznor hasn’t broken up with himself so a shout out to Nine Inch Nails.

And a very special shout out to Radiohead almost 17 years together. And of course, lets not forget U2, 31 years. What is their fucking secret?

A band is like a marriage with a lot more people which makes it harder. Sure, some of these bands have faltered along the way, but when they all stay together or go out for a reunion tour, well that’s something special.


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