I’m not a groupie, I’m a bandaid

Okay… the Jason Newsted thing.

I know it shouldn’t matter. What matters is the music. When my friend’s bands make bad music I think “god, that’s really shitty” I don’t automatically love it just cause I love the people making it. On that same note while I can begrudgingly admit that Eminem makes some pretty catchy tunes I have never owned or even touched an Eminem record. Why? Cause I hate his guts and I think he’s the poster boy for what’s wrong with the men in that age group.

I think that when you really love a band or anything artistic – when you really feel it and identify it – then it’s not just about the music. Right? Isn’t that why there were vigils when Kurt Cobain shot himself? Because all these lost youths who loved the music and felt it in their very veins could not comprehend what to do when their idol kills himself. It mattered to them, because Kurt wrote music that they loved in the way only youth can do.

I’ve been a Metallica fan since Middle School. That means for more than half my life. There’s just certain things that are part of my being. I’m not religious. I don’t believe in politicians. I love Metallica the same way I love Kurt Vonnegut and Neil Gaiman. Sure, I don’t like everything they put out, but what I do like I adore. And they created that.

For years when people were ragging on them for Load and ReLoad I was there. I bought the CDs, I went to the shows, and while I admit it wasn’t their best work, I still loved some songs and going to the show, I loved them. They were my boys, the best heavy metal band of all time. They still are in my opinion. What beats Master of Puppets?

Once Jason left I threw in the towel. Once I found out the reasons behind it I was furious. I hated the rest of the guys the same way I use to hate people who talked shit about Metallica. Because to me Jason was just as much a part of Metallica as the rest of them.

Hey, maybe one day I’ll get over it. But that’s not today. The thought of seeing Metallica on stage without Jason, with Rob, is just revolting.

My friend’s think I’m fucking crazy. I’m not disagreeing.

So how about this… I’ll go see a Metallica show if Jason sits next to me.

Man, I’m nuts. Do you have any idea how many of my friends have had to hear me rant like this? And more cause then I start making speeches that sound like bulleted lists about just how Metallica wronged Jason. I need to shut up now.


9 responses to “I’m not a groupie, I’m a bandaid

  • rock_starr

    its okay. i feel the same way about certain things and i wont give them up no matter how much things change. music is forever. and even though u dont always like what a band puts out u still love and admire them.
    bandaids, makes me wanna watch almost famous now.

  • pocket_ft

    I thought I was the most irritable Jason fan when it comes to defending his side against Metallica. But honestly, I could rant for hours.
    Unlike you, I didn’t grow up with the band.
    Their live performance aside,I know it’s their first 3, or 4 albums that earned them the deserved reputation, it’s Load/Reload that I feel attached to.
    I had a chance to see their live back in 2003, but I found an excuse at the last minute for not going. I didn’t feel like flying to see Trujillo in Metallica.
    Maybe it’s only about personal preference.
    It’s Jason’s attitude, and his and James performance on stage that brought something special for me, and I always wanted to hear what he needed to say, either musically or verbally…So while I like James and know he’s gifted, he sometimes seemed so hypocritical, egoistic when it comes to Jason and that angered me. To me, when they erase the trace of Jason in the band, they would become another one of the most popular bands out there,just like Cliff-era Metallica is of little interest to me. In my twisted mind, I feel relieved to see some of their live performance lack dynamics without Jason.

    • vinrodriguez

      I can’t say I’m not happy on some level that St. Anger reportedly sucked (I’ve never heard it). It was an insult to Jason in so many ways with the whole closed fist on the cover and the songwriting credits being shared equally with Bob Rock. I could’ve broken something when I saw that.
      I saw Metallica 5x with Jason and I’m really sorry you didn’t get to see that. I still remember the first time. He was like this ball of energy that wouldn’t stop. And yeah, he and James were what I loved about the show. But Jason seemed to love it so much I couldn’t help but feel that same vibe watching him.
      In my head I compare them to Van Halen. Sure, Eddie Van Halen is an incredibly talented guitarist. But he’s a big asshole. Like beyond huge. And that just turns me off from the music altogether.
      See I can rant forever too.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t understand…where and how was he supposed to let out his music, when they (well, Hetfield) didn’t want his hand in their band while restricting his side projects to just jamming. I got mad when Bob Rock told James something like they wouldn’t have any permanent bassist in SKOM. He looked like he wanted to add “except myabe me” or “but I can help you.”
        Probably in the coming album, they will let Trujillo have more songwriting credits than Jason did in 14 years. It’s sad but I see it kind of bonus if James will do or say something nice about Jason now.
        He was like this ball of energy that wouldn’t stop. Jason seemed to love it so much I couldn’t help but feel that same vibe watching him.
        I wish I could have memories like yours. 😦
        I’ve seen Van Halen references in metal sludge. I’m not familiar of them, but wasn’t their reunion tour postponed/canceled due to Eddie?

      • pocket_ft

        I forgot to log in!

      • vinrodriguez

        Van Halen’s original singer is David Lee Roth. But he’s a bit of a hothead and their wasn’t enough room in the band with his ego and Eddie’s ego. So Then they got Sammy Hager who I thought was pretty cool.
        Then I’m not sure what happened, they changed singers again. They always say they are going to do reunion tours and nobody can seem to get along and Eddie keeps getting sick or in rehab. Then the bassist, Mark Anthony, left and was replaced by Eddie’s son.
        That band is like a big mess. They were inducted into the hall of fame and only two of them showed up, neither of whom are currently in the band.
        And I’m glad that Metallica dumped Bob Rock. I think it was a step in the right direction.

      • pocket_ft

        Thank you for updating me on the band. Even with the brief summary, I can see they are in a pretty bad form. To a non-fan like me, Eddie appeared to be the most smiling, peaceful guy in their band, so that he’s the troublemaker was a bit surprising.
        And I’m glad that Metallica dumped Bob Rock. I think it was a step in the right direction.
        Wish it had happened earlier, while Jason was still in Metallica.

  • metalsgoddess

    I was too young to see Metallica with Jason, But I’ve seen so many videos with jason in them on Youtube and James has said that he was a ball of energy, and he has so much life to him.
    I’ve always thought of him as this big ball of fluff that you try and clear up but doesn’t go away and gets bigger and bigger and you just admire it… sorry… :/ minor moment.
    A part of me Hates, and I don’t mean that lightly, James for the way he treated Jase. It wasn’t fair. ALTHOUGH towards the end of Jason’s career with Metallica, James, Kirk and Lars started to see him as part of the band. It was kinda a kick in the nuts for them when he left.
    Meh, see I can rant to about Metallica.

  • Anonymous

    ufff…i see you vent all your anger this time jajajaja…oh, that’s good (es mejor desahogarse que colapsar de un momento para otro)…no importa if your friends think that you’re crazy and they don’t understand how much means jason to the fans, la verdad es que era el mas humilde en la banda, no? by the way, se nota que eres una verdadera fan!! (or bandaid, how you say)i think gropies are just this girl that only have dirty fantasies with the members of the band…but you…are different(cuando vas a escribir el proximo capitulo de 14 years? I’m waiting!!)

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