What’s Your Fetish?

I went out to the Fetish party last night. It’s really not as sordid as it sounds, but only slightly. I suppose I behaved a bit naughty though pretty tame for where I was. I like doing things simply so I’ll have something to talk about or shock others with and not necessarily because it brings me any pleasure. Except the pleasure of the look on people’s faces when I admit to what I’ve done.

My favorite part of the night was this gay twink I kept bumming cigarettes off of. He made me dance with him for every one he gave me and then when he went back to the rather muscular industrial guy he was with I got the pleasure of watching them rubbing up against each other. It was a very beautiful thing and I’m not really into twinks. Well, that one last night had just fueled my fantasies for at least a week. He was quite beautiful.

I had a spanking good time and I suppose that can be taken literally. I also danced like a demon.

Afterwards I had a horrible mix up of in who’s car was my purse. It took a while to sort out cause I was already back home and my stuff had remained in the next county with the people who hadn’t stopped partying. Luckily for me these two guys I met last night (friends of friends) were very nice and helped me out.

That’s what I really love about going to these parties. The people are so unpretentious and so accepting. There’s none of the usual focus on looks you get in this city. It can be a real love fest. And I love the music.

I don’t actually have a fetish, not in the definitive sense. I like men on men porn, but it’s not a fetish. I don’t have to have it to get off. It’s just a preference.

2 responses to “What’s Your Fetish?

  • ddmoca

    wow thats ………….cool
    how did you got in to this thing i mean logistics of it is it a annual thing or what ?
    also i don’t enjoy twinks at all i think its creepy but may be a little male D\S (DOMINATION\ SUPMASSIVE ) ACTION , I THINK THAT IS A FETISH i don’t know maybe not . but again not big thing for me you know i can live without it .

    • vinrodriguez

      Re: wow thats ………….cool
      the Fetish Factory is a fetish store that also holds a monthly gathering held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Saturday was their 13th anniversary weekend. Instead of just one night they have a 3 day event and people fly from everywhere to join in.
      I got into it when I ran into some old friends who told me about it. Since I like that type of music I figured I’d give it a shot and I ended up liking it. I don’t go every month, but it’s good every once in awhile.

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