Age is in the Eye of the Beholder

I stayed home sick from work today. Eventually I made my way over to Walgreens where I got carded trying to buy DayQuil. Then later tonight when I passed by the bookstore and I had to show my ID when paying with a credit card I actually had the clerks mouth hang open.

Yes, I am 30. Yes, it would appear I could still pass for 18. And yes, I still dress like I was 18. Which is what the clerk at Barnes N’ Noble said. I shrugged and said I wasn’t sure how a 30 year old is suppose to dress.

I don’t want My kid to have to one day call some TV makeover show saying “Help, my mom raids my closet and she’s 40 and still dresses like she’s 18!” I have tried to tone it down a bit by not wearing anything totally high school trendy. No more Hot Topic head to toe. Today I was wearing some blue pants and a skull t-shirt. The skull t-shirt was from Lucky Brand and though I got it on sale it originally cost about $48. Okay, so I was also wearing dirty cons, a Ramones hoodie and the clerk had seen me looking at Hellboy graphic novels.

(btw, he tried to get me off Hellboy and into Ironman. Screw you Marvel boy.)

I’m glad I look young… except when I go on job interviews, then it’s not so good. I hope I look professional and not like some teenager playing dress up. My suit is Calvin Klein. I do not shop at the junior section of Target. I’m switching from Hot Topic to Lucky Brand.

So how do 30 year olds dress? How do I look older for job interviews?


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