and now… Deep Thoughts

Right now I’d just like to say, something that I say all the time, people don’t change. I don’t really believe that they do. While I am a more well adjusted, calmer, happier version of my 15 year old self the basics are the same. I’m snotty, open-minded, realist with my head in the clouds who prefers to live in moderation. I’m still very much who I was. Life just tends to be easier if you know who you are and what you want. That comes with age and experience.

Your priorities might change because of what happens around you, but that’s not the same thing. I only partied like I use to because I was only responsible for myself. When I became a mother my priorities changed, I didn’t. I was always the type of person who put my family’s well being first.

Sidenote: I just stepped away from my computer because I had a customer with a disability and the computer was taken out of the handicapped workspace at some point. Kind of puts things in perspective don’t it?

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