The Hunger for Peter Murphy

Last night I went to the Peter Murphy concert at Revolution. It was cool.

Who is Peter Murphy you ask? well, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway. Besides being the lead singer for Bauhaus he’s also a goth icon. You may recognize him from some such hits as “Bela Lugosi is Dead” (with Bauhaus) or “Cuts you Up” (solo). If you don’t know those songs then you’ve obviously never been to a goth club your whole life.

Now, I’m old but not that old, and something tells me it was just new wave or some other genre back then. Like I distinctly remember Depeche Mode being “progressive rock” and REM being “college rock”. Regardless, Peter Murphy is a god in the goth scene and everyone in that concert was wearing lots of black.

The guy is like 50 years old, but he still sounded incredible. The voice was almost indistinguishable last night as it was 20 years ago. He’s balding, but he still owned that stage. He’s also funny, and flamboyant, and good with the crowd, and that voice… wow. It’s just beautiful.

It was a cool show, and I ran into a ton of friends and made new friends and met friends of friends who happen to know a whole other different set of friends and ex-co-workers (Rat, if you read this, message me). Is it really a small world or do we just all run around and around in intersecting circles?

So today I watched The Hunger which not only stars another music god, David Bowie, but the movie starts off with a performance from Bauhaus. Not the best vampire movie ever, but certainly unique and you get David Bowie’s butt and for all you that might be interested out there there’s some lesbian scene with a topless Susan Sarandon.

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