In which the author should really have known better

What on earth possessed me to listen to Metallica S&M live on youtube while I work? I can’t stop drooling long enough to do anything. The thing is, to me, there is nothing sexier than listening to James and Jason sing together. Except maybe watching them as they sing together live. God they looked good during S&M. And the name alone… S&M… ::faint::

You know I can’t have sex if Metallica starts playing in the background? I don’t want to ruin a song by then associating it with whomever I’m with. So I just shut off the stereo, or shut myself off and go home. Depends on my mood. I’m not kidding, I’ve really done that.


10 responses to “In which the author should really have known better

  • pocket_ft

    Maybe Loveman is fine for such an occasion?
    There were some songs with vocal harmonies that worked great in live like of wolf and man, last carress, until it sleeps, nothing else matters, hero of the day…James and Jason had voices that complement each other. I loved how indisguishable they were sometimes.

    • vinrodriguez

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not really fond of that song though.
      “Of wolf and Man” yeah. When Jason howls? “Fuel”, “Devils’ Dance”… I literally I have to fan myself.

  • pocket_ft

    It’s comletely off-topic, but did you watched a kirk&rob interview? I read they talked ill of jase there,but i can’t watch it right now.

    • vinrodriguez

      Oh, God. No. I don’t watch them. I don’t. I’ve been anti-Metallica for years (well, anti the real Lars, Kirk, and James). Why? why? Why? all right, hold on…
      ::watches video::
      “we truly are a band with Rob playing bass.”
      “there’s definetly chemistry with Rob, much more so than with Jason”
      I have to say though, Kirk looks like hell. He’s tired or drunk or miserable. I don’t know.
      I recommend you don’t watch it. And to think I was sticking up for Kirk a few months ago.

      • pocket_ft

        Thank you very much! I was upset cause I thoght even rob said somethink disrespectful to Jase. As for kirk, I always see him more as opportuniest than as pacifist, this has only consolidated my perception of him.

      • vinrodriguez

        No worries. Rob didn’t say anything at all about Jase. He didn’t even comment when Kirk said those things.

      • pocket_ft

        That’s a relief, thanks again. Btw, I’ll review chapter12 after my stomachache and migraine are gone. Sorry I can’t sooner when I read it as soon as it’s posted.

  • nanitaane

    Oh my god….
    Hi! guys, I am having a very hard time with Live Journal because I don’t know how to use it very well. I need to say something about this bunch of bitter people, they are being really disrespectful with Jase but they are more disrespectful with Robert Trujillo, poor guy!!! still being compared (even they are talking about him “in very good terms”) with Jason, when we all supposed this chapter was closed and put to rest. There are something very obscure here, who is masterminded all this Jason attack?, Who knows? but my theory is they want some Jason’s reaction about it, I think at this point (I hope)Jason really closed the Metallica chapter of his life, and don’t have any contact with his former band mates. It is my impression about it…please Jason don’t say anything and ignore them…Pleaseeeeee

    • vinrodriguez

      Re: Oh my god….
      If I were Rob I’d be thinking “can you just shut up about him already?” Obviously they haven’t gotten past it because it’s the second album without him and they still have to bring it up. can’t they just say “Rob is cool”, “we love Rob”, “Rob is great bass player”. Why do they have bring up Jason? Leave the guy alone already.

  • ddmoca

    concantrated rantting
    i don’t understand why can’t they honor his contribution to the band just as they did to cliff , is it like (the king is dead ,long live the king )know it is duty to screw him over, do we have to shit all over his carrier just to make some one else look good ,no body complained when he was their for 14 years ,and just cos he decided to live suddenly he is shit and not worth given him credit , so he lift ,so what he was not in jail you know he is a human being with a freewill.

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