Alone in Virginia

I’m in Virginia. Alone.

It really sucks to be alone in an entire State. I’m starting to feel all sorts of guilt about possibly leaving my mother alone if I move up here (despite the fact that there are other close relatives and all my mothers friends where we live). I’ve never had my own hotel room all to myself, and I guess that’s what really started my melancholy.

I’m going to go outside and take pictures around the hotel. This place is really nice though. I have a fridge and microwave. The Declaration of Independence is on the wall as well as a portrait of Abe Lincoln. I have wi-fi connection. I shocked housekeeping when I spoke to her in perfect Spanish. It’s nice. I’m starting to feel a little better.

I’ve always liked Virginia.


2 responses to “Alone in Virginia

  • rock_starr

    virginia is pretty nice. ralph and i both have cousins that live there. its just i think too slow and country for me. but if u move there we can take a roadtrip up to visit u and eowyn.

  • nanitaane

    Well Lunavin, I am in a moment when I want to be alone, seriously, I need to clean my system , sometimes people tend to be so overwhelmed, it is like they want to rip you of you soul only for their selfish needs

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