Shia LaBeouf and a side order of fries

I love how McDonalds and Burger King have made different options for their Happy Meals than the unhealthy fries and a coke. Normally I go to McDonalds cause they have apple dippers ( I don’t bother with the caramel). Now Burger King got them too, calling them “apple fries” apple slices cut into fry shape or you can get mac and cheese.

But apparently the people who work at McDonalds and Burger King don’t know what’s on their menu because in the past year or two they have only ever gotten the order right once. They always give me regular fries, I complain, and then I usually end up with both fries and apples. I’m just mad because today I forgot to check and they gave me fries at BK instead of apples.

This reminds me of yesterday when I was at TGIF. I ordered a burger/bacon slider thing that normally comes with cheese and I told the waitress I did not want cheese. Of course it comes and there’s cheese all over it. I had it sent back and then I get it again about 4 minutes later looking exactly the same and covered with cheese. I mean, huh? what the hell did they do to it then? at that point I was frustrated and just scraped it off. Mostly I just needed to keep my itchy knife hand busy before I killed the kitchen staff.

So what does this have to do with Shia LeBeouf. Nothing. Last Friday my friend and I were talking about hot guys we are too old for. You might remember me having inappropriate thoughts for the oldest brother of the Narnia kids. But this weekend I am stuck on Shia. He’s 22. I remember when I first saw him and I thought he was a big dorky looking kid. I never imagined a few short years later I’d be looking for shirtless pictures of him on Google. He’s not even my type. I’m not even sure how to pronounce his name.


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