The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

My video store and I were finally in harmony and I was able to rent this movie. Now mind you I went into this viewing with extremely low expectations. Somehow the movie managed to exceed my expectations while disappointing me anyway.

In this sequel, a brother and sister team (implied children of Jason Patric and Jamie Gertz’ characters from Lost Boys 1) move to (I guess it’s still Santa Carla, might not be) a place they rent from an aunt in another city after their parents die in a car crash. The brother is former pro-surfer who runs into another former pro-surfer who turns out to be a vampire. The vampire gets the hots for the little sister (inside joke) and the brother enlists the help of Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman reprising his role from Lost Boys 1), vampire hunter. Sorry this paragraph is so convoluted.

In order to explain how this movie was pretty decent, but still disappointed me greatly I will first talk about the entire movie up until the last 5 minutes.

As far as straight to DVD vampire movies go, this one is pretty decent. You got your basics: sex, blood, and rock n’ roll. It’s pretty gory. It’s kinda funny. The nods to the first movie are nostalgic in a smile and eye-roll kind of way. The premise is, in honesty, believable. It makes sense that Edgar Frog would continue to hunt vampires. He’s like Van Helsing meets Rambo meets… young Corey Feldman.

This movie had me, I even thought of buying it, up until the last five minutes which I won’t completely spoil except to say it was very anti-climactic. It was the blandest ending I’ve seen in the history of vampire movies. (Might be exaggerating, but I’m pissed off).

The cameos were disappointing (to put it mildly). The music sucked. Angus Sutherland was a funny casting choice (that I would have made as well), but forgettable. The lead stars had some incest vibes going. The lead vampire was not scary at all. But Corey Feldman did a good job. He stepped out of that role in the 80’s and jumped right back into that character for this movie perfectly. Kudos.

I think as far as ruining Lost Boys, they could have done worse, but they really had the potential of doing a lot better than they did (if it had a less lame ending). It would never have been as good as the first, but maybe that’s more taste/nostalgia than anything else. Like how you feel about “Blue Monday” sung by New Order as opposed to Orgy.

I can’t say that about this movie though. In this instance The Lost Boys is like Coka-Cola Classic and Lost Boys 2 is like Check Cola. At first you drink it and you think it’s not all that bad and you might buy it for parties cause it’s cheaper. But once you swallow you realize it’s Diet Check Cola and that horrible after taste is filling your mouth and you start spitting and running for a glass of water. Or some Coke Classic.


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