Back to Life

So I’m back after funeral week (last week) where I had a week long wake which ended in the burial on Friday. I won’t go into it. I’m fine.

Now that I’m not so morbid I can look forward to writing again. I’ve let a lot of work go on the sidelines so I’m a bit swamped this week. Plus, I’ve also undertaken making my first press kit for my friend’s band. I’m kind of excited and I hope I don’t let them down.

Also, I had been looking in my book “101 Things To Do Before You’re Old and Boring” given to me on my 30th birthday a few months ago. I decided that instead of noting things I’d already done, I’d start over and try to finish the book before my 40th birthday. One of the things to do is learn an instrument. Now, I took 4 yrs of guitar when I was a teenager and I sucked. But I decided last week that I would switch to bass guitar and learn “My Friend of Misery” sometimes in the next ten years in order to full fill the requirement of learning an instrument.

As I told this to my friends who gave me the book, the guy says “oh, I have a spare bass you can borrow” and so I had to clean out my closet so I’d have room to put this thing somewhere. The first few minutes of trying to re-learn how to play were odd, but then I got the hang of it again and am confident I can pick up “My Friend of Misery” with little problem. So my new goal is after learning that song I am going to then learn “Orion” if it kills me.

I am not using a pic. I was classically trained and therefor learned guitar by plucking. I don’t see the need to retrain myself by using a pic. I’m not a musician so I’ll just do it the way I’m use to.

I’ve been practicing maybe 15 minutes the last couple of days. It’s very relaxing, but I need to build up the strength in my fingers.

Lastly, I made the following gif. The first part has been circulating for a couple of weeks, but I saw some alternate lyrics and I decided to make a gif so people can sing both. While looking for the lyrics I found this thread at the Metallica forums titled I Miss Jason, REAL bad šŸ˜¦.

And now I end my ramble.

9 responses to “Back to Life

  • richie666

    hey! it’s cool you’re picking up bass! now you can proudly say Jason has inspired you to play bass or something. haha. i’ll probably learn bass towards the end of this year. still love my guitar at the moment. heh.
    and LOL! that gif is hilarious! i was wondering if you could teach me how to make gifs? thanks lunavin!

    • vinrodriguez

      I really need to build up some calluses in my fingers. I practiced the first riff for 30 minutes yesterday and today I can already start feeling the difference. And it really is very relaxing. My guitar teacher would be so proud.
      The only way I know how to make gifs is by using PhotoShop CS3 or the old ImageReady on PhotoShop CS2. I know there are other programs that can do it, but I don’t know them.

  • pocket_ft

    Glad to know you’re doing fine and working on playing the bass.
    Almost every Jason related topics there ends up nasty and too childish – some (same old) ppl really can’t ignore, as if they have compulsion to quench others display of love, respect for him in every way. I can’t understand their insecurity of themselves.

  • metalsgoddess

    HORRAY, Your learning Bass, I wanna learn ‘My Friend of Misery’ it’s an awesome song, and It’s also my ringtone :p But it’s great that I’m not the only bass player, I mean seriously not alot of people over look that instrument, It’s sickening.
    The gif image is incredible, I lol’d. and WTMOF is James wearing, I mean srsly, someone call the Fashion Police, quickly an get him locked away before he kills someone.

    • vinrodriguez

      People have said to me “oh, who cares about the bass player. they’re not important.” And I’m like “oh, really? What’s Primus without Les Claypool? The Red Hot Chili Peppers without Flea? KISS without Gene Simmons? and what about Paul Fucking McCartney!”
      And what are James and Rob doing? Did they go shopping together?

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