Rock Band – where dead dreams go

When I first heard of GuitarHero and RockBand I admit I thought it was a game especially designed for middle-aged men who use to dream about becoming rock stars and yet never learned to play more than “Stairway to Heaven” badly. Now that I’ve played RockBand twice I have to say my opinion is pretty much the same. It’s fun, but I feel like such a poser sometimes.

My favorite instrument to play is the drums though it’s by far my worse instrument. When I was a teen I told my mom I wanted to play drums (how many chick drummers do you know?), but my mom gently said I’d have nowhere to practice drums in our two bedroom apartment we already shared with two other people. And so I settled on guitar. I sucked at guitar possibly worse than I suck at RockBand drums.

Perhaps I would’ve made a shitty drummer (my instincts tell me it is most likely), but thanks to RockBand, I can now play the drums on four colored squares and a bass pedal. I’m getting better.

The biggest surprise for me is that I don’t mind being the singer. Normally I would be really shy to sing in front of other people, but for some reason, I lost my shyness after two songs. I like singing cause it’s the easiest choice. And I don’t have to sing well, just on pitch. I don’t mind the people listening to my mediocre vocal talents cause I’m not a singer. As long as I do well enough that we don’t fail, it’s all good.

I would have liked to be able to play an instrument in reality, but it’s something that’s always just been beyond me. I can’t even play the tambourine and sing at the same time. I lose tempo, I gain tempo. I’m a mess.

But I’m having fun. I can’t wait to play again. Soon we will have unlocked “Enter Sandman”. Now, many years after knowing I would never be a rock star, I can sing and play cool songs and have some fun with my friends.

from xkcd


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