Hey! The Pixies Rock

OK, I am completely over my head with the whole “Orion” deal. The first part is simple, no problem, and then reality strikes and the greatness of Cliff Burton and the talent of real musicians is revealed and I am humbled by their awesomeness. In other words, there’s no way I can do the song justice (and play it in tempo) just 4 weeks after picking up a bass guitar.

After my fiasco yesterday I went and looked up the tabs for “Hey” by The Pixies. It’s a song my friend (the one who lend me the equipment) and my ex-boyfriend use to play when they were in a band together (neither was a bass player). “Hey” is pretty simple and straightforward and I could play it fine within about an hour. The bass player of The Pixies is a girl too not that it matters.

I also realized that while my fingers might remember how to work a guitar, my brain forgot a lot. Slides, hammering, that little jiggle thing you do on the fretboard I forgot the name to, there’s a lot I forgot about. And I also don’t know hot to read the sheet music yet in regards to where I am on the fretboard. Right now I’m just using it in combo with tab to keep tempo.

So I went ahead and ordered the “Learn Bass with Metallica” book from Amazon (I hope it’s helpful). And in the meantime I’m just going to keep practicing with simpler songs. I will get “Orion” someday.


4 responses to “Hey! The Pixies Rock

  • ddmoca

    i bought a couple of years ago (Learn guitar with Metallica) when i had the itch to play songs but as i explained before lost interest and gave it to my brother he plays he is not really into metallica but it is a very good learning book with leveled lessons and a CD to follow very well done .i think it well help you and it has Jason on the cover for inspiration ,right just gaze in his eyes and let the music flow in you. good luck hon.

  • richie666

    hey, the Pixies are pretty awesome. looks like your bass playing is coming together real well!
    by the way, did you manage to figure out how to make the animated gif from a video?

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