Future Bass Player

I got my own bass yesterday. It’s a Peavey Milestone III in sunburst with a white pickgaurd and it came with the gig bag and a Crate amp. I got a pretty decent deal on it. Also, I was kind of set that I wanted a Peavey so I just snatched it up. I went with my friend to go and try it out and it needs new strings, but that was the only thing wrong with it.

Then I got home and I couldn’t sleep. I bought a bass guitar and amp? What the hell is wrong with me? Isn’t it too early to be having a mid-life crisis? Instead of buying a convertible, I bought a guitar. I’m too old for the rockstar dream. Musician was one of the things I was worst at. Maybe I just needed to spend more time playing RockBand on my friend’s Wii and get this out of my system.

I was tossing and turning thinking about the amount of money I’d invested in what started as a lark. Everyone has been encouraging me, and my friend at the Apocalyptica concert said I was a good guitar player and he never understood why I quit. I quit because I sucked. But I guess… and this is with a lot of hesitation… I have to admit, begrudgingly, that I sometimes am a pretty modest person and undervalue myself often. So maybe he’s right (he is a guitar player), I don’t know. I like playing, it makes me happy and relaxed. And now that I’ve put some money into it I really feel like I have to do this.

I’m still panicking a little. I need to go home and bond with my guitar.


3 responses to “Future Bass Player

  • rock_starr

    so at what time is your gig at churchills tonite? lol.

  • ddmoca

    Hay, congrats on the new bass it looks great and don’t be worried this is just buyer’s remorse i had it last night when i bought a new cell phone it was kinda expansive but what da hell you know, you only leave once and if this gonna make you happy then why not invest on your own happiness and hay you are half the way of being a bass player even in your on house its pretty awesome , and trust fate ,its weird but nothing is wrong with weird anyway, right.

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