if you’re a bass player, play the bass

I got my bass back yesterday. They did a good job. My Friend of Misery sounds much better now. I spent like 2 hours in bed with it practicing. It’s sitting on my lap right now as I do this blog. I love thinking about playing my bass, what I don’t like so much is how discouraged I feel when I actually play it.

Me and my small weak fingers. I know I just need to practice a lot. Like a lot a lot. I heard Cliff Burton use to practice like 6 hours a day. and I just finished Kurt Cobain’s book where he goes off about practicing 5 hours a day. I can barely get one hour in.

Now, I’m not trying to be a rock star I just want to play bass. I want to be able to walk into a guitar store, pick up a bass and start playing and people will say “oh, it’s a chick bass player,” like for someone to call me a bass player. Anyway, I can’t get discouraged now that I’ve spent so much money on my bass. We really need to bond. I haven’t even named it yet. It’s a boy bass, that’s all I know. Plus, as I’m sure everyone’s noticed by now, my bass is all I can talk about. 🙂

EDIT* : Hey, I just had a breakthrough in the ongoing battle between my index finger and the fret board. There’s hope for me yet.

Quote from the Learn to Play Bass with Metallica book:
“It’s [about] maturing, and not worrying about playing so many notes. It’s like if you’re a bass player, play the bass.” – Jason Newsted

I think I should buy his doll now so I can look at it when I practice. I could put it on my amp.


2 responses to “if you’re a bass player, play the bass

  • ddmoca

    (I think I should buy his doll ) hay , hay it’s not a doll it’s an action figure ,okay

    • vinrodriguez

      Quote from Jason about his action figure:
      “Newsted says, “It’s a bit surreal, ya know. It’s hard to fathom it actually. But it’s fun at the same time, because when there’s music on, I always grab him off the counter and bang him around the room, and people are like, `That’s pretty weird, dude. You’re playing with yourself. That’s pretty weird” [Laughs].” (Billboard Magazine, 2002)

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