Sons of Anarchy

This post is a blatant excuse to use my new Sons of Anarchy livejournal icon. 🙂 But in the interest of making a post I’ll actually talk about the show.

This is a show about a motorcycle club in California. The script is loosely based on the structure of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It stars Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller the Hamlet character), Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow the Claudius character), Katey Segal (Gemma Teller-Morrow the Gertrude character), and a few other people.

I love this show. I didn’t start watching it right away cause it airs on Wednesday nights when I’m usually out. Then I discovered they give reruns on Sunday when I’m usually in. I would catch the show in snippets and just surf the TV cause the show is so hardcore I would get really anxious just watching it. Slowly I’ve been starting to watch more and more and just getting caught up in it.

I’ll start with Jax Teller. I have to first mention I didn’t like the play Hamlet. I thought Hamlet was a whiney bitch. While I don’t see Jax Teller that way I do think he makes some questionable choices in women. He’s the future of the motorcycle gang, he’s the heir. And even though he’s the star of the show, he’s just not the most interesting character in it.

On a personal note, the actor who plays him is pretty cute. Ten years ago I would have been drooling all over myself for him. Unfortunately, today, this guy looks too much like my ex, my baby daddy, for me to be attracted to him. I’ve noticed I’ve grown an aversion to men with longish straight blonde hair. I also had this problem with James Franco’s character in Pineapple Express. They just look too much like my ex. And yes, my ex was a pretty good looking guy as most of my new friends will comment when they see him. so good looking in fact that many other women thought so to and he did a lot more than just smile graciously at them.

Which brings my latest psychosis, namely my illogical attraction to Ron Perlman. I know, I’m officially insane. I even had a dream two days ago that I was making out with him. He’s basically the reason I started tuning into this show. There’s this scene where he refers to sex as “comfort” that fueled a few fantasies for some reason. I’m real glad he’s in this show though because I really do love this show and I would have seriously missed out if he hadn’t been in it.

I read a few interviews with him from before the show aired and he mentions how this character is such a tough hardcore biker. I really think Ron softened him up. Like I have no doubts he’s a big fucking bad ass biker doing all this illegal and violent stuff, but I think with Ron there it makes you believe that the other bikers don’t just follow him because of fear, there’s a lot of real respect there for him. And even though he’s tough as nails, you can really see that he loves his wife and stepson and he tries to be fair.

The real hard ass is Gemma Teller-Morrow. She is a ruthless conniving bitch from all hell and I feel sorry for anyone who tries to cross her in any way shape or form. I love her. I could only hope to aspire to hold that kind of respect and fear in others. What’s amazing is that it’s not that she’s completely selfish. She’s not, she really does want her son and husband to be well and happy. It’s just that the motorcycle club is so much her life that she has no life without it. She’s like the personification of thr Sons of Anarchy. And she looks mega hot while doint it. This picture doesn’t do her justice. On the show she just exudes this sexual tiger vibe.

Wow, I went on and on. I just really love this show I think the writing is amazing, the cast is fantastic, the storyline is intriguing, and I just can’t say enough good things. Thank god it’s coming back for a second season.


3 responses to “Sons of Anarchy

  • ddmoca

    this looks like a cool show i never heard of it but i like shows about the gang life , but is this show like whiny i mean does the main character that jax dude like hates his biker life and wanting to be ..i don’t know a dancer or something stupid like that or is it like real hardcore shit going on cos from the photo he looks like he might be out of place and i don’t like that also the actor who is doing the jax character what did he do before i think i know him from something?

    • vinrodriguez

      The gang smuggle illegal weapons from Ireland and sell them to drug dealers and other unsavory characters so long as they all live outside of SOA (Sons of Anarchy) territories. They like to keep their home turf clean. The show is very violent and they all feel very justified in what they do.
      Jax, the main character, isn’t really whiny (well, maybe about his girlfriend). He goes along with it all without bitching or anything. But Clay (stepfather) is afraid maybe he’s not as into as the others. Jax really isn’t honestly, and he doesn’t think the club is going in the direction his father (the original president of the club until he died and Clay took over) had intended.

  • ninopolish

    вы правы во всём я думаю 🙂
    геи видео мулатку

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