Busy with a lot of stuff, but not busy eating


I’m bored at work and livejournal is having issues. This sucks.

Meanwhile I got a bunch of stuff on ebay I’m still waiting for delivery on including the Jason action figure, an old Metallica CD I had that I lost somewhere (i suspect I loaned it out and never got it back), and four bass tab books (all four were in one lot). My novel is back on track after I realized that my problem was I was being overly pretentious when my goal is just to write brainless fodder a person would read on an airplane. I got a bad haircut last week and I’m waiting for it to grow out. My boss just realized that I’ve been looking for another job. A fact I haven’t hid it’s just that no one in my job seems to notice what I do (not complaining). And I’m also getting ready for a trip in January to Colorado to see my best friend and maybe find a job.

I’m loads busy, but not much I want to do right now cause this chair is making my back and neck hurt. Ow.

Lastly I’m putting up a picture of Megan Fox. I’m trying to lose 15 pounds and so today as I walked by a bake sale I just chanted her name in my head and so I passed by the table, cupcake free. Mind you if I lost 15 pounds I still wouldn’t look like Megan Fox, but I’d feel better.


2 thoughts on “Busy with a lot of stuff, but not busy eating

  1. that’s my goal too, to loss 10 pounds this week and i am doing this all fruit and veg diet all week hopefuly it will get me what i want and i think i heard once that this pic of fox is totally fixed but still she is pretty fit ,oh god i hate her so much.

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