Work convention and fellow musicians

I’m going to Colorado. woo-hoo. In January. There’s a National convention and employers looking for employees. Hopefully I can find a job. I’m taking my kid and she’s so excited she doesn’t want to come back to Miami. She wants to just pack up and move there. Also, there’s the added bonus that my best friend lives up there so I’ll get to visit him too.

I’ve been back on my bass for two days now. I realized that if I want to get through the Orion bass solo part I’m really going to have to try a different fingering technique so I’m kinda relearning it. My friend plays a fellow string instrument, violin, and she was giving me a few pointers that I think have improved my speed a bit. I’ve also learned “What I’ve Done” from Linkin Park (no great accomplishment, it’s easier than sin) from the Transformers movie. I normally hate that band, but I like that song probably cause I loved the Tranformers movie so much.

I’ve never seen snow. I hope it snows a little when I’m in Colorado. My flight has a stop in Texas. I could have picked one with a stop in Phoenix, Arizona if I went a little out of the way. But as much as I was tempted, I’m not so foolish to fly an hour and a half out of my way just to spend a couple hours in the airport of the city Jason use to live in before he joined Metallica. Ah, if only the convention had been in Phoenix. I could call up my one friend there and hang out and he’s a Jason fan too that plays bass guitar. ::sigh::

Oh, well. Fate has led me to Colorado so hopefully it’s with good reason.

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