Why Gay Marriage should be legal in the US

Well, it should be legal everywhere, but I’ve only ever lived in this country so that’s what I can effectively argue for.

I like to pride myself on being able to see both side of an argument even if I lean towards one. It’s like religion. I respect everyone’s religion and think they all have valid reasons for believing what they do. At the very least, I don’t think any religion is less valid than another. But I digress…

One of the first things people like to throw up against gay marriage is that two people of the same gender cannot procreate with each other. OK. But if I buy into that reason for being against gay marriage then does that mean that heterosexual couples where one partner is infertile should not be allowed to get married either? If they are married and are later medically revealed to be infertile through accident, disease, birth defect… can we annul their marriage in the spirit of marriage being between two people who can procreate? IF not, then that argument against gay marriage is null and void.

Another reason, is the bible thumpers that say homosexuality is a hell worthy offense. Ok. That’s great. Except for one thing. Marriage in this country is not always a religious union. People get married in places that are not churches and by people who are not religious leaders all the time and it’s perfectly valid in this country. For this arguement to hold water this country would also have to outlaw all marriage ceremonies performed outside of religious contexts and ban atheists from getting married.

Gay marriage threatens the institute of marriage. I really don’t get that one at all. But anyone who’s really worried about marriage being made into a mockery should pay more attention to the drive through wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Britney Spears gets married and divorced in less than three days, but somehow that’s okay. Meanwhile my lesbian godmother and her partner of 25 years are the ones threatening an institution? If what Britney did is the definition of a marriage then it’s already a mockery and there’s little homosexuals could do to demoralize it more. If you really want to protect the institute of marriage, make divorces harder.

I think my favorite argument is always about tradition. Because then the people arguing really stick their foot in their mouths. Tradition? Right. Traditionally interracial couples couldn’t get married either. Traditionally women were property of their husbands. You tell me how that works out for ya.

I also love the people who argue that so many percent of the country agrees with them about the ban on gay marriage. Ok. That’s true. And 150 years a large chunk of the population in this country also believed in slavery. They believed in it so much the country went to war with itself. Yes, slavery is a way bigger deal than gay marriage, but it’s the same principle. Just because the majority believes something doesn’t make it ethical.

And I think the last argument that I’d like to touch upon is that gay marriage doesn’t infringe on anyone elses rights. And in this country we are all supposed to have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as long as it doesn’t trample on someone else’s rights in this country to do the same. I don’t see why a gay couple getting married infringes on someone else’s right. Homophobes can keep hating homosexuals single or married. So what’s the problem?

And you know what REALLY pisses me off is the fact that if you get married in another country and come to live here in the US your marriage is considered valid. Unless you are a homosexual couple who got married in Canada or the UK. And that means that the real issue against it is Discrimination and none of the political figures against gay marriage has the balls to admit it.

Discrimination is a dirty word in this country for a good reason. And that’s the bottom line. Homosexuals are getting discriminated.

There’s nothing that homosexuals do that heterosexual couples don’t do also. What? Sodomy? Rimming? Strap-ons? Oral sex? We choose our partners and gender preference is a biological imperative. Jon had it right to ask Huckabee when he chose to be a heterosexual (The Daily Show Dec 9, 2008). It’s not a choice. It’s wired into your brain the same way I would rather write than play basketball. My personality is wired into my brain and while I can choose to behave a certain way, I prefer to behave in another way. It makes me happy. I can choose to go play basketball, but I wouldn’t enjoy it and I’m pretty bad at it too.

This is all a very sore subject with me. I think in the end what will happen is that gay marriage will be made legal in the US eventually, and 50 years later people will look back and wonder what the fuss was about and be embarrased that it was a question in the first place. Of course there will still be people who think it’s immoral. They can go bowling with the people who still think all jews and blacks should be exterminated. They can all hate monger together if they don’t kill each other for the differences between them first.

3 responses to “Why Gay Marriage should be legal in the US

  • richie666

    i shall reply your comment and your entry here because i’m afraid of people coming after me…
    where i am, the people around me don’t even make an argument, they stay neutral. sometimes it’s fine, but after a while, i think, hey, it’s about time to pick a side. and i’m on the side of gay rights.
    you can have a look here. you’ll see it’s almost illegal. which is really sad. because i see nothing wrong or immoral about being gay. and like Jon said, a child is probably going to be alot better off with a loving gay couple as compared to Britney Spears and Kevin Ferderline. it’s about time people start realising all this…
    alright, i think i’ve ranted enough. but i’m really glad we agree on this. i haven’t got much people around to discuss this with… 😦

    • vinrodriguez

      I’m sorry to hear that really. That’s sad. I know it’s stil a big deal other places, but here I think we really should look to a the British which is where most of the founders of the country here are descended from.
      The whole gay adoption thing really ticks me off because it states specifically in the laws of my State that it’s illegal though Judges have found in certain cases that the law is faulty it’s never been overturned. I use to work in the court system with the children of bad parents and I’ll be the first to say that those kids are better off being raised by a well to do gay couple than their abusive and/or crackhead parents or staying in a state facility that basically kicks them to the street as soon as they are legal adults.

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