“Succeed at something you’re bad at”

That book I’m always talking about 101 Things to Do Before Your Old and Boring, well it came to mind today again.

I was watching the movie Accepted this past weekend and I mentioned it to a friend who seemed interested. So I was showing her this scene from the movie over on YouTube and I was suddenly inspired. I love this song from Green Day so I was already hyped up and watching the skateboarders I was a little envious. I love guys who can skateboard and I tried it when I was younger and I sucked ass at it. I always wanted to be able to skateboard.

So fuck it. I’m going to get a skateboard and pimp it out and learn. My daughter’s getting a scooter for Christmas I can practice with her while she… scoots? And it’ll go towards one of the chapters in that book called “Succeed at Something You’re Bad At.”

I’m all hyped up. My goal is to be able to get around campus on a skateboard.


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